A Typical Monday

Happy Monday! 

I woke up a bit late this morning so I had to rush to get ready for work and get my breakfast food prepped and ready to go. Here is what my meals looks like most mornings:

Daily Supplements
36g of dry measured Cream of Wheat
31g of dry measured Isopure Chocolate Protein
I really adopted this morning meal routine from my competition prep diet. I weigh out all of my protein (chicken, fish, protein powder) and a majority of my carbs (white rice, cream of wheat) using a food scale. It's second nature to me now after doing it for 12 weeks during competition prep and it really helps to give me an idea of how many grams of carbs and protein I consume on a daily basis. 

I typically eat my cream of wheat shortly after arriving at work (sometimes I add a really ripe banana to it), and I drink my protein shake at 10am every morning. 

As far as supplements go, I take Animal Pak Multivitamins, 3 CLA's, and vitamin C. It may look like a lot, but again, it is second nature to me now because I took these (and more) during my competition prep. 

I typically go home for lunch, prep my food and bring it back to work with me...but my Sunday was spent doing everything but tackling the grocery store. So I came home for lunch to let the puppy out and swung by Subway on my way back to the office for a sandwich. 

Someone wasn't ready for me to leave :(

After working away a few hours after lunch, I downed another protein shake at around 4pm then headed straight to the gym to complete another quick and dirty workout. Monday = chest day with shoulders worked as a secondary muscle group. 

We completed 15 reps of the first 2 exercises at a heavy weight for 4 rounds with the last round being a drop set. We then completed the last two exercises as a superset doing 20 reps of each for 3 rounds. It was quick yet tough. My legs are toast from yesterdays quick and dirty leg workout, and I'm sure to be sore from today's workout as well. But I'd rather be sore than sorry!