Weekend Roundup

Another weekend is about to come to a close and another work week is about to commence. The fiancé and I had a relaxing yet busy weekend! Unfortunately we both had Friday off because we were recovering from what seemed to be a mild case of strep throat. We spent Friday night relaxing on the couch watching Netflix. The rest was much needed.

We woke up early Saturday morning and I made myself a protein smoothie for breakfast. My protein smoothies are more filling than just a regular protein shake, yet not as heavy as a meal replacement. My favorite shake to make is a chocolate, banana, peanut butter smoothie. It hit the spot. I didn't have a chance to snap a picture of my shake this weekend so the picture below is a bit dated but it gives you an idea of the ingredients I typically use!

Chocolate Banana PB Protein Smoothie
25g Chocolate Protein Powder (I now use Isopure)
2tbsp PB2
2tbsp Old Fashion Oats
1 Frozen Banana
1 Handful Spinach (If I have some on hand)
Enough Skim Milk or Almond Milk to get everything moving

I combined the ingredients above in a blender and added just a splash of milk to get everything moving. I typically add a bit more to get the consistency I'm wanting. If you use spinach, fear not, you can't taste it at all! 

After breakfast we jumped in my fiancĂ©'s car to go pick up my new car from Malibu's, a local window tinting place in town. Last week was a pretty big milestone for me...I bought my first car! I had been rolling around in my college car up until last weekend when we decided it was time for me to get a big girl car. We settled on a 2013 Nissan Altima and I am totally in love with it. 

Isn't she pretty? Mo sure does think so! :) 

After running some errands around town, Schoen and I headed out to Yamato's to celebrate a friends birthday. Yamato's is a delicious Japanese Steakhouse in Norman, it was my first time to eat there and it was amazing! Every time I have ate teppanyaki in the past I've never been able to put a dent in the food they serve me. So this time I opted to just eat off of Schoen's plate :) We split steak, shrimp and fried rice and we still had tons of left overs! It was delish! 

After dinner we headed downtown to RedPin, a restaurant and bowling lounge in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City. There were about 10 of us so we got two lanes and bowled one game. I definitely need to brush up on my bowling skills because I put on a pretty pathetic performance. It was a blast though! We called it a night around midnight and headed home. Being sick earlier in the week caught up to me and I was more than ready to get to bed. 

We woke up early on Sunday morning and I made myself another protein smoothie. After breakfast we headed out to the outlet mall. I was hoping to get some new work clothes, but settled for some new nikes instead! 

After the outlet mall we enjoyed a quick lunch at BJ's, a brewhouse and restaurant right next to the outlet mall. Once our bellies were full we went over to a local furniture store where we scoped out a possible new couch for our living room. Maybe one day in the near future this baby will find a new home in our living room :) 

After perusing furniture for about an hour we headed home to get changed into some gym clothes so Schoen could put me through, as he called it, a quick and dirty leg workout. And it was just that...quick and extremely hard. I usually have a lot of strength when it comes to leg workouts, but being sick really took a toll on me. This one was a doozy: 

Whenever we do circuits like this, we have very very little rest between exercises. Basically the only rest I got was the time it took me to walk from one machine to the next, with about 1 minute of rest between rounds. I finished off the 5 rounds with 100 reps of calf extensions on the leg press machine. If you're looking for a quick yet effective leg workout, try this one out and I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Well, time to sign off and go spend some time with my honey before tackling another work week!! 

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