At-Home CrossFit Workouts

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween week! I cannot believe that Halloween is just a few days away. That means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! I have a fun mini series that I will be starting this week, but I will get to that after a quick weekend recap.

After a butt kicker of a workout at CrossFit Alter Friday afternoon, I went to a neighboring CrossFit gym in the area to meet David with Axel Design to get fitted for a custom jump rope. The process was very easy and I was leaving within 15 minutes of arriving with a custom rope in hand. I chose a neon yellow cable with black handles.

Although I was advised to avoid using my rope on concrete, I had to try it out for a bit as soon as I got home. I could immediately tell a difference when practicing my double unders. I was able to string together about 10-15 by the end of my driveway practice session. I even had some dog walkers cheering me on at one point! I would highly recommend getting a custom jump rope if you're thinking of getting into CrossFit.

The remainder of our Friday night was spent lounging on the couch catching up on some of our shows we had recorded throughout the week. It was a perfect lazy Friday night!

Saturday morning/afternoon was spent running errands and cleaning up the house. We headed out to celebrate a friend's birthday Saturday evening at a Hibachi restaurant followed by 2 games of bowling. My high score for the night was 120! Unfortunately I forgot to snap any pictures. But it was definitely a fun filled evening!

After sleeping in until 9:30 Sunday morning (that's really late for us) the hubby made a donut run. Love me some donuts!

The rest of the day was spent binge watching Netflix and snuggling with our puppy.

It was a perfectly lazy day, which may be few and far between in the coming weeks since the holidays are sneaking up on us. Speaking of the holidays...

This is the time of year where schedules begin to get crazy and it may be difficult to find time to make it to the gym. So, in honor of Halloween week and the upcoming holiday season, I have decided to do a mini series of at-home, no equipment required, CrossFit inspired workouts. They will be tough enough that you will break a sweat and get that heart rate up, but they will also be able to be completed quickly.

All that is required for this first at-home workout is a clock or stopwatch. This is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) style workout. Simply complete as many rounds as you can of each exercise in 10 minutes. Enjoy!