Extra Credit at the Gym!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

I hope your morning is off to a productive start! 

Mine started off with a strong cup of sugar free hazelnut coffee and a flu shot up at my office! Most people have mixed feelings when it comes to getting a flu shot. I have always gotten one and have never gotten the flu, whereas my husband refuses to get the shot because he's known people that have gotten extremely sick afterwards. I say bring on the shot! 

Continuing our Halloween week mini series as promised, here is another at-home CrossFit workout:

 This is a 'rep rounds' style workout that is done for time. The exercises are burpees, push-ups and sit ups. Basically you start at 10 reps of each exercise and work your way down to 1 rep. Be sure to start a stopwatch as soon as you begin so you can record your time! 

A new thing that they're starting at my gym is 'extra credit' that you can do before or after each workout. Last night's extra credit was 30 pull-ups. I was exhausted after our workout, but everyone else was doing the extra credit...so I couldn't let myself skip it. 

I chose to do band pull-ups for 20 reps. You can see the purple band under my feet that is attached to the rig. I did kipping pull-ups for the last 10 reps. Last night was the first time for me to actually do kipping pull-ups and I definitely need some more practice. But, I loved them because they're challenging for me.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday! 

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