That CrossFit Kool-Aid

Last month I tasted that CrossFit Kool-Aid...and I'll tell you what, that stuff is delicious! The camaraderie that exists in CrossFit is reason enough to fall in love with the sport. That paired with the challenging workouts and competitive atmosphere had me instantly hooked.

I have dabbled in a bit of everything when it comes to being active. I played sports all the way into college, I attended and taught boot camp classes, ran a handful of 5k's (you can probably tell from the photos below that I thoroughly enjoy the 5k's that I get to dress up for), trained for and competed in an NPC competition, and was a self proclaimed 'gym rat' after that.

Here are few throw back pictures:

SACAC softball in Singapore

Women's softball league in Dubai sponsored by Ford 

Co-ed softball league in college

Tire flips at boot camp in college

Santa Run 5K

Warrior Dash

Glow Run 5K

After my 2nd place finish at the NPC Oklahoma

Bored selfie taking gym rat

Leading up to trying out CrossFit I was in a very boring and tedious gym routine. 4 sets of 15 reps of this and that...then 30 minutes on the StairMaster. Talk about lackluster. I needed something more upbeat, something that would challenge me more. I wanted to leave the gym feeling like I just got my ass handed to me each. Enter CrossFit. 

After learning a handful of acronyms (WOD, AMRAP...) and the fundamental CrossFit movements, I am feeling more and more comfortable leading up to each workout. I'll do more posts about my experiences with CrossFit the further I get in my journey...but for now I'll leave you with a few fun pictures for our girls night WOD.