Things I've Learned From CrossFit + Another At-Home Workout

I hope everyone's Tuesday has been a good one so far!

Mine started off with some chocolate for breakfast...

In the form of a protein shake! Fudge brownie protein powder that actually reminds me of brownie batter...yes please! 

I have another at-home workout to share with you all today! Again, no equipment is required so this can easily be completed at home! Today's workout is inspired by the WOD I will be completing later today at CrossFit Alter. This is a RFT (rounds for time) style workout. Here it is:

In CrossFit we typically run a 200m, 400m, or 800m. Since it's very unlikely that you will have those distances measured out on your street, I've decided to call this a landmark run. Simply find a landmark on your street (a tree, a fire hydrant, or a street sign) and jog to it and back. Make sure you push yourself and choose a distance that won't be too easy. Once you get back complete 25 squat jumps and 10 push-ups. Repeat for 4 rounds and record your time. 

Running is definitely one of my weaknesses. I have always had a love-hate relationship with any workout that involves running as part of the conditioning. But it is days like today that I know that I need to go because that is the only way I will get better. 

On another note, I wanted to also share a few things I've learned from doing CrossFit the past month: 

1). I'm horrible at math.
2). I need to stretch more. 

Ok, those are both things that I already knew...but CrossFit has just validated both of those for me even more. 

At the gym we often have to load a certain amount of weight on to our barbells...and the amount of time it takes me to do that is down right ridiculous. I often have to enlist the help of who ever is teaching that night to verify I did the math right. I just need to get a pocket calculator...

Ok...stretching. I'll admit that I do not stretch as much as I need to before and after a workout. I've found that my main problem area is my hip flexors. I plan on doing a post in the near future that highlights some of my favorite stretches I've been making myself do to improve mobility and flexibility. Stay tuned!