60 Years of Memories

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and a good start to the work week!

Our weekend was spent celebrating my Dad's 60th Birthday! Around 3pm on Saturday we packed the car and headed up north to meet my parents at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for dinner and a bit of gambling. Unfortunately none of us had any luck when it came to gambling.

I was eager to get back to my parents house to give my Dad a present I had been working on for him for quite some time. To celebrate his birthday I put together '60 Years of Memories' for him. I had seen a post about this floating around Pinterest and knew that I definitely wanted to do this for my Dad. I (with the help of my mom and numerous others) contacted some of his best friends and colleagues and had them send me a memory of my dad. Before I knew it I had the 60 I needed.

 I laid out all of the letters I had received on the living room floor to make sure I had all 60.

I then began the tedious task of numbering all of the envelopes I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. I used some leftover stickers I had from when I used to scrapbook. 

After they were all numbered, I placed an envelope on each memory to make sure I had them in a good order (as you can see I soon ran out of stickers and ended up using a good ol' Crayola marker). 

After I was happy with the order of all of the notes I began stuffing envelopes (while watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix...a guilty pleasure of mine). 

60 Years of Memories

After all of the envelopes were stuffed and labeled I placed them in a box (also purchased from Hobby Lobby) that I used Modge Podge to decorate. I also wrote my dad a little note explaining what on earth this present was. 

It took him nearly 2 hours to get through all of the notes! Some of the commonalities we discovered while going through all of them were:
  1. My Dad is an excellent storyteller
  2. He loves to play practical jokes on people 
  3. He's a very talented artist when it comes to recreating people as cartoon characters

It was a blast watching him read through each letter and be brought down memory lane! It was definitely worth all of the work put in!

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