A New City, A New Gym

Hello from Texas!

The last few weeks have been quite hectic around here, hence the lack of blog posts. Between furniture deliveries, maintenance and repair appointments and lots and lots of unpacking, we are finally settled in our new home in Houston, Texas!

The process of our entire move from Oklahoma to Texas was rather quick. Within 4 days of my arrival here we had two walkthroughs of our new home here, closed on both our Oklahoma and Texas home and all of our belongings were delivered by our moving company. So the last few weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least. It definitely feels great to be settled in, back into a routine and back in the gym!

I decided against joining a CrossFit gym and went with a gym membership at the local LA Fitness. It's a nice switch up and gives my husband and I a chance to workout together again which is nice because he always pushes me to work harder!

I wanted to stop in a share an awesome superset based workout I did last week!

It was a great workout to get back into my gym groove. I did all of my pull-ups on the assisted pull-up machine, which I am so glad my gym has as my old gym did not have one. It's the little things, right?

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