Booty Blaster Workout

Happy Friday!

Friday is without a doubt my favorite day of the week! This weekend will be especially fun because it's Superbowl weekend! Though I am not as into it as my hubby, it's an excuse for me to make some yummy snacks. We will be having a small group of people over to watch the game in our newly finished media room. Our new home is definitely more of an entertaining house, and we love it!

I wanted to stop in and share a quick workout I completed that targets one area that every girl wants to tone...their booty! I follow a fair share of fitness accounts on Instagram and Facebook and I often see posts that show a picture of a girls butt with a caption "she squats!". Yes, squatting will target your glutes, but it is not the only move you should be doing to target that area. I completed the following workout and definitely felt it!

Here are links to video demonstrations of each exercise in case you are unsure about how to perform them:

Reverse Abductors

Barbell Hip Thrust

Cable Kick Backs

Make sure you squeeze at the top of each rep and use a weight that will challenge you. I guarantee that you will feel the burn!

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