Our First Valentines Day as Mr. & Mrs.!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a Valentines Day filled with lots of love and chocolate!

We had a great Valentines Day :)

Our morning started off with some heart shaped pancakes followed by a lazy day spent on the couch watching TV. We had a dinner reservation at 8:30 that evening and we exchanged gifts before heading out for the night.

Schoen got me a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses and a gift card for a massage. I have been in dire need of a professional massage, so I'm so excited about this! I plan on making an appointment for first thing Wednesday morning. I can't wait!

I got Schoen a couple different things. A few new pairs of Calvin Klein boxers, a new pair of Under Armour golf shorts, a pair of Nike Shocks, a big Reese's heart and a bottle of Malbec. I couldn't resist buying the bottle of wine because I loved that it said 'Handsoe Devil'. Gotta love impulse buys! He was in dire need of new shoes and boxers, so I knew Valentines Day would be the perfect excuse to get him both :)

I put this fun cheesy note on the inside of the Nike box. I couldn't resist :) 

A little after 6pm we jumped in the car and headed towards The Woodlands. We had a reservation at a restaurant called América's at 8:30 but wanted to go to a rooftop wine bar for a drink before dinner.

At about 8:15 we headed over to the restaurant. After we were seated we were given their special Valentines menu.

We started with the Lobster Corndogs and the Ceviche Mixto.

I was skeptical about the the lobster corndogs because I'm not a huge fan of lobster but they were so delicous! They came with a lemon chardonnay aioli which was amazing! 

The ceviche was served in a hollowed out pineapple and was a mix of shrimp, tilapia and calamari with a salad of red onions, cilantro, romaine and jalapeño. The presentation was gorgeous and it tasted amazing! 

We both ordered The Churrasco for our main course but I was so hungry I forgot to snap a picture of it. It was an 8oz beef tenderloin with a béarnaise sauce served along side yuca, sweet plantains, beluga lentils and jasmine rice. It was delicious!

For dessert Schoen chose the Alfajores cookies and I chose the Delirio De Chocolate and we each got a cup of coffee to drink along side.

The cookies were light and buttery with a carmel center. The top was dusted with powdered sugar. They were delicious and perfect with our coffee. 

The Delirio De Chocolate were three small cakes with rich chocolate cake and a creamy chocolate center. Also very delicious. I cleaned my plate! I'm excited to go back to Américas to try something off of their full menu.

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

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