Crazy Dreams + Back and Bi's

Good Morning and happy Thursday!

Our morning started off bright and early when our alarms went off at 5am. After throwing on some gym clothes and splashing some water on my face we hopped in the car and headed to the gym to complete a quick back and bicep workout.

I don't know what the deal is but I have been having some crazy dreams this week. I think the craziest of the lot was one where I was driving my husbands car underwater and skeleton pigs and alligators were chasing me. Yeah. If anyone has any insight as to what that could possibly mean, I'm all ears. I have a dream dictionary, but I highly doubt something like that would be in there. Needless to say, these crazy dreams have led to a few nights of restless sleep which has made it hard to get into my early morning workouts this week. Nevertheless I got up and powered through it this morning.


This workout was fairly simple and straight forward. After a few warmup rounds we got going and I increased my weight on each set of the back movements.

Schoen and I both felt like our bodies weren't as 'awake' as they felt the other day but it was still a good workout. I'm planning on heading back to the gym a little later today to get in some HIIT cardio and maybe some abs.


After we got home from the gym Schoen hopped in the shower and began getting ready for work while I prepped his food for the day and our breakfast.

I prepped two chicken meals for Schoen to bring to work. Both with 6oz of chicken breast, ½ cup of jasmine rice and ½ can of green beans. I also packed him two protein shakes to help tide him over throughout the day. I typically make a bunch of chicken and rice all at once which makes for easy meal prepping for both him and I throughout the week. For breakfast he ate some cream of wheat and scrambled eggs. After I got his food taken care of I started on my breakfast. 

I ate some scrambled eggs (1 whole egg and about ⅔ cup of boxed egg whites added in) topped with some all natural ketchup, 31g of cream of rice with a few dashes of cinnamon sprinkled on top and a few strawberries on the side. And as usual, my normal hazelnut coffee and a big ol' glass of water.

Breakfast is my all time favorite meal of the day. I can't believe I used to skip it all together. Now I go to bed looking forward to the huge meal I get to eat the next morning and all that wonderful coffee I get to drink!

Question of the day:

What are some of your favorite breakfast foods?

Do you analyze any of your dreams using a dream dictionary?

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