Low Key Houston Weekend

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We had no definite plans heading into the weekend so ours was quite low key. The cloudy skies finally cleared, allowing the sun to come out almost all weekend long. We took advantage of the nice weather and got out of the house for a bit on Saturday. We headed into Houston for a lunch date and went to buy a basketball so we can play shoot around at our gym. I had to break out the sunglasses for the first time in weeks. I almost forgot what those things were!

After running some more miscellaneous errands we headed back home to leash up Mo for a walk around our neighborhood pond.  

The weather ended up being so nice that we ended up talking her on 3 walks over the course of the weekend and she loved every one of them! We couldn't help but laugh at how tuckered out she was after each walk though. We admittedly need to take her on more walks and plan on doing so going forward.  Mo took advantage of the sun as well, following it along the carpet as she napped the afternoon away. 

The rest of our Saturday was filled with lounging on the couch, reading, watching some TV shows and renting an On Demand movie Saturday night. 

We woke up early Sunday morning and after some coffee and some oatmeal I headed out to take a Body Pump class at the gym. The rest of our Sunday was spent prepping some food for the week and relaxing. 

Overall I think this sums up our weekend pretty perfectly:

Coffee, always go for the coffee! 

I'm off to take a group exercise class, have a great morning!!

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