Weekend Adventures

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a fun weekend and that Monday didn't come back around too soon! 

Ours weekend was filled with happy hours and time spent with friends. I was in the city on Friday afternoon for an appointment so I decided to stop by Schoen's office when I was done. He was able to leave a little early so we decided to go to a nearby restaurant for some happy hour drinks. Some of his colleagues were also able to meet up with us so it was great getting to chat with all of them for a few hours. 

The rest of our Friday night was spent reading a book (me) and watching basketball (Schoen). We were able to sleep in a bit on Saturday morning and I did a bit of cleaning before I had to start getting ready for a double day date we had planned. 

Shortly after noon we jumped in the car and headed into the city. We met up with a couple at their town home and after getting a quick tour we headed out for some food. We decided on a place called The Boot which specializes in Cajun food. 

The weather was pretty crummy all day Saturday so we were thankful that the restaurant had a covered patio. Shortly after we got there the sky completely opened up and rain that resembled a monsoon began to pour.

I decided against ordering crawfish because I didn't feel like getting my hands dirty. Schoen and I both decided on the shrimp po-boy and we split a side of cajun seasoned fries and cajun potato salad.

This was my first time to ever have a po-boy and it was delicious. We all had no problem cleaning our plates.

After lunch we headed to a place called Cottonwood. We saw numerous people inside that had their dogs with them which made me instantly fall in love with the place...and want another dog!

We all enjoyed a cup of coffee with baileys and shared an order of fresh doughnut holes. I was so caught up in chit chat I forgot to snap pictures. But the coffee and doughnuts hit the spot and warmed my belly from the dreary rain that was still going on outside.

Our Sunday was a perfectly lazy day that consisted of lots of TV watching, book reading, napping and a bubble bath for me. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content after all!

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