Fit Chocoholic's Friday Favorites #12

Hey, y'all!

Well it's official, I'm a Texan. This week I received my temporary Texas drivers license (the real one will be mailed to me in 7-10 days) and Texas plates for my car. It was sad having to give up my good ol' Oklahoma license, but Oklahoma will always have my heart!

After spending an hour or so at the Tax Assessor's office getting Texas plates this morning, I headed to the gym to get in a quick shoulder/tricep workout. After I lifted I hopped on one of the StairMasters to do a 100 floor challenge. My goal was to climb 100 floors in under 20 minutes.

Mission accomplished! Sorry the picture is so blurry. I was a wee bit tired after climbing all those floors! After the gym I came home and applied for a job and went through an online interview and was progressed to the second stage of online interviews. Fingers crossed! I have a good feeling about this!

Now I'm sitting down typing up this blog post eating a very late lunch!

Now that we're all caught up, here is what's been on my favorite radar lately. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday Favorites 


So I've never really been into podcasts. I've tried in the past and could never really get into them...until Serial came into my life this week. I'm already hooked on this (free!) podcast. I'm a HUGE lover of any and all true crime shows; Dateline, 48 Hours, Cold Case Files, etc. so Serial had me instantly intrigued. I've been listening to it during my cardio sessions and also today while I was in line at the DMV. I highly recommend you check it out. Totally, totally addicting.

The Girl on the Train
I bought this book on my iPad and holy moly was it addicting. I think I finished it in just over a week and I loved it. It had me up until 1am some nights because I simply could not put it down. I enjoyed it so much I actually did some research on similar books and am currently reading one now. If you are a big reader like I am I highly recommend you pick this book up, or download it. I promise you'll love it!


So I found a recipe the other day that called for tofu. The recipe got rave reviews so I decided to try it out. I've never been a huge tofu fan, but holy moly this was GOOD! The recipe had me combine the tofu with roasted garlic hummus and it was out of this world! I didn't have a tofu press so I wrapped it in a kitchen towel and then stacked a few books on top of it. 

I let the books sit on top of the wrapped tofu for about an hour and it worked like a charm! Lesson learned, don't knock tofu till you try it!

Lululemon In The Flow Crop II 


I bought a pair of these crops last weekend while we were at the Galleria. I wore them for the first time this week and they were so incredibly comfortable. I love that they aren't low rise and that they are form fitting yet don't dig into your sides. I chose the heathered black color although I wanted one in each color!

Neon Nail Buffer

I bought this super cute (and super cheap) nail buffer at the grocery store the other day. I've been getting shellac polish put on my nails for quite some time and I'm guilty of peeling it off a time or two which results in my nails being super rough. I used this last night and it made them feel like I just left the nail salon. Score!


This little girl has one BIG attitude. Here are a couple of my favorite recent pictures of her in hopes of putting a smile on your face.