Weekend Recap + Hamstring Workout

Greetings! Happy Monday, everyone! 

I hope your weekend was awesome and that Monday morning wasn't too cruel to you. 

Our weekend was relaxing, as usual. Friday night consisted of taking Roxie on a walk around the neighborhood, watching TV, porch sitting and eating! For dinner we had something that reminded me of my childhood...hamburger patties! 

My mom used to make me hamburger patties all the time when I was little. So this meal brought back a little nostalgia. I formed mini hamburger patties out of 1lb of Laura's Lean Beef and grilled them up on our grill pan. I served them along side some roasted red potatoes and some grilled asparagus. It was so good! After dinner, we headed outside to take Roxie on a walk and then we sat on the front porch for a while. 

Schoen sipped on his usual drink of choice...Jameson, neat. The weather was awesome Friday night so it was a perfect opportunity to admire all the work we've put into the front yard the past few weekends. After some porch sitting and front yard admiring, we headed inside and spent the rest of the evening watching TV. 

After we woke up Saturday morning Schoen ended up having to work for a bit. So when he headed into our home office to plug away on the computer, I headed to the gym and completed the following leg workout. 

Hamstring Focused Leg Day Workout

In an effort to target my hamstrings more, I made this leg workout hamstring focused. It was a good one. After I got home from the gym Schoen and I both agreed that we were ready to eat lunch so we hopped back into the car and headed to the best place ever...Chipotle.

Burrito bowl heaven!!! Gosh, I forgot just home much I love Chipotle. Word on the street is that they are going to start delivering?? Score!

After lunch we headed out to run a few errands and spent the remainder of the afternoon doing some more gardening, eating and lounging on the couch. We grilled up some hot dogs for dinner Saturday evening and I was so hungry I forgot to snap pictures. But, I purchased some Jenni-O turkey hotdogs for myself and they were delicious!

I slept in until 9:30 Sunday morning and it felt so good. My body needed the rest. After waking up, I made myself my usual breakfast.

Cream of rice, eggs, coffee and H20 all served on our finest china! After breakfast I headed off to do some cardio while the hubs watched a very intense soccer game he had been waiting all weekend for.

I've upped my cardio substantially the last week. I did 40 minutes on the StairMaster Monday-Friday, took a break from cardio on Satruday and then did 45 minutes on the stairs on Sunday. I plan on doing 40 minutes 5 days a week going forward. I am also planning on taking progress pictures tomorrow so I can see how my body reacts to a more structured cardio regimen.

The rest of our Sunday was spent glued to the couch binge watching a new TV show. It was a pretty perfect weekend! I hope yours was equally as perfect!

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