What I Bought Wednesday #2

After I scarfed down my breakfast and a cup of coffee earlier this morning, I headed to the grocery store to grab some much needed food for our fridge/pantry.

I have to say that I am a BIG fan of grocery shopping early in the morning and I got to the store just before 8am today. It was so peaceful because there was next to no one there. No long lines to check out and they're typically stocking the produce section with fresh fruits and veggies at that time. It's a win win situation!

I did a whole lotta 'perimeter shopping' this morning! Here is what this weeks loot looked like:

Here is a breakdown of what was in my grocery cart:
I also picked up some other items I needed; shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, cleaning supplies and a huge bag of dog treats for Roxie. I swear, her morning treat is the highlight of her day. We've resorted to having to spell out the word 'treat' and we are now confident that she knows how to spell it as well. She's basically human. 

'Make Your Own Stir Fry' nights are still super popular at our house so I picked up a ton of veggies to chop up to use throughout the week for that. I'm a huge fan of Annie Chun's Teriyaki sauces so I picked up another bottle because I'm almost out. Schoen typically uses Bragg Liquid Aminos for his sauce, but this teriyaki sauce has been my go-to lately. It's all natural and has no preservatives. Score! 

The fresh tomato pico caught my eye this morning and I couldn't resist picking up a container of it. I plan on browning up some ground turkey and seasoning it with some Mrs. Dash taco seasoning. I'll serve it with a bit of pico, rice and a little bit of cheese. 

We've been on a orange juice kick lately so I decided to pick up a big container of it. It should last us quite a while. I also picked up 2 gallons of skim milk. Schoen uses this for his protein shakes every morning so I almost always buy 2. I keep one in the fridge in the house and store the other in the garage fridge. 

I typically use almond milk for my protein shakes and I was running low so I picked up another box. I've started buying the non-refrigerated box version rather than the refrigerated cartons. I've found that it's much cheaper this way. 

I also picked up some Truvia, my go-to sweetener for my coffee, and a few varieties of powdered drink mix. 

I had coupons for at least half of items in my cart today. I felt so thrifty!

Well, there you have it. This weeks grocery store extravaganza!! Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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