Superset Tabata Boot Camp Workout

Happy Cinco De Mayo, everyone! 

My morning started off with an 8:30am bootcamp class and it was amazing! I wanted to stop in real quick and share a portion of the workout that we did, which was tabata based. 

I love tabata workouts. I was first introduced to tabata's years ago when I took and taught bootcamp classes regularly. If you have never done tabata's before here is a quick breakdown of what the premises is: 
Basically it is a quick, but killer, 4 minute workout you can do with almost any exercise. Our workout today looked something like this: 

20 Minute Superset Tabata Bootcamp Workout

So the first superset looked like this:
After you complete 8 rounds of the first superset, rest for 1 minute and then get right into the next superset. Do this all the way through the 4th superset and you will have completed a 20 minute tabata workout!