Weekend Recap

Hey, y'all! How's everyone week been so far? Mines been busy and a bit hectic, and it's only Tuesday! I had to make an unexpected visit to the vet with Roxie yesterday afternoon. Thankfully all is well now and she'll be on some antibiotics for the next 5 days. 

Our weekend was relatively low key because the only plans we had were for a date night on Saturday evening to go see Jurassic World. 

The last few times we went to see a movie here in Houston we've gone to Studio Movie Grill and we just really didn't like it. We were a bit spoiled when we lived in Oklahoma because we were right down the road from The Moore Warren, aka the best movie theater EVER. So I guess you can say we're a bit picky about our movie theaters. We decided to give Alamo Drafthouse Cinema a shot this time around. 

After grabbing our seats we browsed through their surprisingly big menu and ordered some drinks. 

Pinot Noir for me and Jameson for him as usual! 

Since I started counting macros at the beginning of last week, I went into date night with a plan of what I was going to eat because I browsed their online menu earlier in the day. Unfortunately, they do not list the nutritional information anywhere but MyFitnessPal already had some of their items loaded so I used that as a guideline.

The first thing that caught my eye on their menu was their baked to order cookies, and I immediately knew I would be ordering one of those so I planned the rest of my meal around that. For my entree I got a greek salad and asked for grilled chicken on it as well for an added protein punch. Schoen got fish and chips.

The food, including my cookie, ended up just being 'okay'. Nothing to write home about unfortunately. But we both agreed that the movie was action packed and a good choice for date night!

I was up until 5am Sunday morning with a sick puppy, so the remainder of our weekend was spent relaxing at home with Mo. I'm happy to report she's almost as good as new now. A special thanks to Blackhorse Animal Hospital for getting me in on such short notice!

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