40 Second Stationary Bootcamp Workout

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

I hope your week is off to a good start! I'm currently on my lunch break and decided to stop in to share a workout with you wonderful people! I'm eating my lunch as I type up this blog post:

6oz grilled chicken breast topped with a bit of teriyaki sauce and 1/2 cup of jasmine rice. Simple and delicious. On another note, I changed up my macros a bit today. I plan on trying out these new numbers for a few weeks and then I will report back how I'm responding to them. 

Moving right along...

One of my jobs back in college was working for a gym teaching bootcamp classes. I was originally a client taking the classes but the owner ended up asking me to teach after a few months of attending. I loved the format and style of the classes so I knew I'd love teaching as well. Before long I was teaching over 10 classes a week and absolutely loving it. 

The workout below is actually one of the ones I taught way back in 2011 (yes I kept all of the workouts). 

40 Second Stationary Boot Camp Workout

This is a stationary workout so it can easily be completed at home! All you need is a jump rope (if you don't have one sub jumping jacks!), a set of dumbbells and something you can do tricep dips off of. 

When I would teach workouts like this I would typically make the group run a lap outside in the parking lot. If you want to do some extra credit, jog 1/4 of a mile on the treadmill or jog down the street in your neighborhood.