Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

Over the weekend Schoen and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! I still can't believe that it has already been one year since we said "I do!".

Schoen had a fun day planned for us on Saturday and all he told me was to wear comfy shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Now, that's my kinda date!

At around noon we showed up at Top Golf where a bunch of our friends were waiting to have a day full of golf fun! Unfortunately I was so involved with golf and chatting with everyone that I didn't snap too many pictures. I did, however, take a picture of the most epic hamburger ever.

I introduce to you, the Chili Cheese Mac Burger. The one above was the one my husband ordered, but after one small bite I quickly ordered my own but with sweet potato fries. Oh my goodness, it was so delicious. And, yes. I ate the entire thing. Heaven!

After spending about 3 hours at Top Golf we headed to another bar to continue the festivities. A friend of mine lives near where we ended up going and I quickly sent her a text to see if her and her husband wanted to come meet up with us. I was super excited when they said they were on the way because we've had trouble getting our schedules to align since we moved here in January.

I went to school with both Tabitha and Tyler in Dubai and it was so great to see both of them and spend some time catching up.

Sunday was our actual anniversary and we spent it relaxing at home. I got up early and went to pick up some donuts for breakfast.

Shortly before dinner time we decided to dig into our wedding cake topper. We were both quite nervous about how the cake was going to taste since it had spent a year in our freezer. We were both so surprised when it actually tasted really, really good.

After our wedding last year I did some research on how to properly wrap a wedding cake to preserve it until your 1 year anniversary and I guess I did a pretty stellar job because the cake was still super moist and didn't taste freezer burnt at all!

We both had such a blast over the weekend. I still can't believe that it's been one year since we got married. I can easily say it was the best decision of my life!

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