Fit Chocoholic's Friday Favorites #27

Friday Favorites

Orangetheory Fitness

A few months back I took my first Orangetheory Fitness class. Well, I'm super excited to announce that I'll be collaborating with Orangetheory Fitness next week here on The Fit Chocoholic. Make sure you stop by on Monday for a fun giveaway! 

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Running Shoe

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I started training for my very first half marathon! I knew that I was going to need a good pair of running shoes so I did a bit of shoe shopping last weekend. I ended up picking up a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider's and I absolutely love them.

Back when I lived in Oklahoma I went to two different stores that specialized in running shoes. They watched me run and walk and then would recommend a shoe based on the pronation of my foot. I've bought Saucony's and Brooks (based on specialist recommendation) in the past, but never felt like they were a good fit for my foot. I tried on a pair of these Mizuno's last week and instantly knew I had a winner. I can easily say that these are the best shoe I've ever ran in. I used Mizuno cleats all throughout middle school, high school and college when I played softball. Mizuno makes a great shoe. I'm a fan!

Chick Fil-A's Online Nutrition Calculator

Where I work there are three towers that are all linked together by internal walkways. There is a Chick-Fil-A in the second tower and I'll occasionally walk over there to grab lunch. I picked up a Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap the other day and hopped on the Chick-Fil-A website to get the nutrition info so I could log my macros. I was amazed at how easy their online nutrition calculator was to use:

Usually restaurants online nutrition information is a huge spreadsheet like file with microscopic print. Chick-Fil-A's online nutrition calculator is any IIFYMer's dream!

Yoplait Plenti Greek Yogurt

Earlier in the week I posted a review of Yoplait's new Plenti Greek Yogurt. This yogurt truly is delicious and fills me up more than any other yogurt I've ever tried. So far strawberry and peach are my favorite flavors!