Half Marathon Training: Week One Recap

Hey, y'all! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a good start! 

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My week is going well and yesterday marked the start of my second week of half marathon training which means I've officially completed my first week of training runs. 

I am definitely easing into the 15 weeks of training I will be doing and my first week was a bit unorganized, but overall it was good. Here is what my week looked like:

Half Marathon Training: Week One Recap

I didn't get to strength train as much as I would have liked last week. I was unsure about how my body was going to respond to running much more than normal so I decided to err on the side of caution and take it easy. 

Both my shoulder and bicep and tricep workouts were light and easy workouts. For shoulders I did 5/10's of:
I hopped onto The Fit Chocoholic's workout board on Pinterest and decided to do this superset workout after my 3 mile run on Saturday morning:

Bi's & Tri's Superset Workout

My total mileage for the first week was 9 miles and I ended up feeling great after it was all said and done. That being said, I plan on strength training at least 4 days this week in addition to my runs.

All in all, I think my first week was pretty productive and a good solid first week of training. 

Half Marathon Training: Week One Recap

Half Marathon Training: Week One Recap

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