So, You Want to Run Your First Half Marathon?

So, I did something crazy.

I registered for my first half marathon.

This is a big deal for me because running has always been a weakness of mine and I am simply not very good at it. The furthest I have ever ran is a 5K distance so to say I'm kind of terrified would be an understatement. But, I have felt like I have been stuck in a fitness rut the past few months. Amazing, kick my butt workouts have been few and far between and I have felt my motivation slipping. I needed something to shake things up a bit and I needed something to work towards.

My friend Carolyn finally talked me into registering for the Cypress Half Marathon. When I expressed my concerns to her she made a very valid point: a half marathon has been on my fitness bucket what was there to really think about? Touché Carolyn, touché.

The race takes place on November 15th, so I feel like I have plenty of time to adequately prepare myself for it. I am not going to go into the race with any time goals, I simply want to run the entire thing with out stopping. I've been researching different training plans to follow and have decided to take bits and pieces from plans available online and develop my own. My training started today and I'm planning on sharing my entire training schedule with you all later this week.

Seeing that I am a newbie to the running world, I reached out to my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors so I could do a roundup of advice for anyone who is thinking about running their first half!

Tips and tricks for completing your first half marathon

Lisa with Run Wiki shares 10 Simple Tips for Running Your First Half Marathon. Lisa has a lot of races under her belt and you can find a ton of race recaps on her running page!

Lauren with Breathe Deeply and Smile did a guest post for Jess who blogs over at Just Call Me Janks. Lauren shared some great Race Day Tips for your First Half Marathon.

Laura from This Runners Recipes stresses the importance of proper nutrition in her Top Tips for New Half Marathoners.

Lara from Uptite Mamas ran her first 5K in 2011 and added two half marathons to her list of accomplishments in 2014. She reflects back on her experience and shares some great advice about running your first half.

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