Fit Chocoholic's Friday Favorites #35

Happy Friday everyone! 

I woke up this morning to cloudy gloomy skies here in Houston. It's supposed to rain a majority of the weekend, which is a bummer because I had a fun day date planned for Schoen and I this weekend. If the weather forecast comes true, we will have to postpone my portion of the date to another weekend. The good news is that Schoen said he was planning out the night portion of our date for Saturday, so it looks like we'll get to enjoy datenight after all! 

I hope you all have a fun weekend planned and the weather in your area is better than we're experiencing here! Here is this week's Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Bod Pod Body Composition Test

Yesterday afternoon I left the office on my lunch break and went to do a Bod Pod Body Composition Test. Basically this is a machine that uses air displacement to measure your body composition (total weight, your fat-mass and your fat-free mass). This type of testing is far more accurate than the tools used to measure body fat in most gyms. You have to wear minimal, form fitting clothing during the test and you must remove all jewlery. I wore a sports bra and tight spandex shorts. They also gave me a snazzy swim cap to wear. 

The test itself only took about 5 minutes and they performed it twice to ensure it's accuracy. After it was all said and done they gave me a printout of my results and also gave me a short explanation of them. I measured at the top end of the 'lean' category which is where I expected to be. I'd like to get down to the bottom end of that category and plan to re-test in about 3 months per their recommendation. The test only cost me $50 and I'm super glad I did it! 

Cute Coffee Cups

If you've been reading The Fit Chocoholic for a while now, you'll know that I LOVE cute coffee cups. Well, Target stuck again. I picked up this cute coffee cup for the office while I was at Target picking up some food for work the other day. Coffee = Liquid Love! 

Cozy Fall Decorations

A few weeks ago Schoen was in Holland for just over a week for work. While he was gone I decided to give our living room a little Fall face-lift! I purchased a bunch of new pillows and blankets and stored our old ones upstairs. I also bought a table runner for our coffee table, a new tray and some candles. It looks so much more cozy now, love it!  

NutriBullet Pro

I don't know why I didn't buy one of these earlier. I picked up a NutriBullet Pro a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. I use it every single day to make my protein smoothies since starting the 30 Days to Healthy and Beyond program. This is definitely one of my favorite kitchen purchases! 

Smartphone Tripod
Smartphone Tripod - Only $10.99! Something every blogger/social media fanatic needs!

I bought this smartphone tripod a few weeks ago and it's AMAZING! It came with a tripod and a Bluetooth remote for the camera shutter as well. At only $10.99, it was a total steal! I've discovered that taking pictures is not one of my husband's strong suits. I've had him take some photos of me for some of my blog posts and after we were done I discovered that half of the pictures were blurry or had a finger covering part of the it was time to invest in a tripod! 

I'm still trying to get the hang of taking pictures of myself and with that being said, I'll leave you with one of not so successful shots I got last week. 

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Have a great weekend, everyone!