Isopure Aminos Post-Workout Recovery Shake

I received product and additional compensation from Isopure in exchange for writing this post to help promote Isopure Aminos #BehindTheMuscle campaign. The opinions of the product mentioned in this post are my own. Thanks so much to Isopure for sponsoring today's post!   

I don't know about you, but after a sweaty workout, nothing sounds better than an ice cold shake. While I typically lean towards protein shakes post workout, I wanted to mix it up a bit and incorporate some aminos into my shake this weekend! In under 5 minutes, this Cranberry Grape post-workout smoothie was born!

It's super smooth and creamy thanks to the added almond milk. Fresh frozen grapes give it a bit of texture and sweetness.

Isopure Aminos Post-Workout Smoothie

Last week I shared a review of Isopure's new Aminos. If you missed out, you can find that post here. The Cranberry Grape flavor is absolutely delicious and incredibly refreshing after a hard workout. One thing that I really love about this amino powder is that in addition to BCAA's it incorporates Tart Cherry and L-Theanine. The Tart Cherry is a an anti-inflammatory which reduces muscle soreness after a tough workout and the L-Theanine promotes a calm and relaxed mind.

Isopure Aminos Post-Workout Smoothie

The combination of these two powerhouse ingredients makes it possible for you to recover quickly which is essential for someone who trains hard everyday. It's important to take care of our muscles after we put them through a beating in the gym day in and day out!

These Aminos taste delicious on their own mixed with a bit of ice cold water, but they're especially delicious when blended into a smoothie! This post-workout recovery smoothie took me all of 3 minutes to throw together. It's delicious, simple and quick!

Isopure Aminos Post-Workout Smoothie

  1. Combine all the ingredients above into a small blender
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. Add in a few extra frozen grapes at the end
  4. Enjoy!

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