The Best Workouts to Beat Gym Boredom

I don't know if it's the upcoming holiday's, my upcoming (first) half marathon or if there is something in the water...but I've been in a workout rut the past week or two.Plus, I overindulged in Halloween candy last weekend which left me feeling water logged and sluggish. While I've enjoyed training for my first half marathon, I've felt like it has prevented me from training as hard as I normally do in the gym. I am forward to getting back to my normal workout routine: normal leg days, cardio that isn't running and some more group exercise classes.

I feel like I go through these 'workout ruts' every few months and need a breath of fresh workout motivation. I've complied some of my favorite gym workouts that I have featured here on The Fit Chocoholic over the past year in an effort to motivate me, and maybe even you if you're stuck in a rut like me!

All of these workouts (and more!) can be found on The Fit Chocoholic's Workouts Pinterest Page.

The Best Workouts to Beat Gym Boredom

30 Minute Interval StairMaster Workout

30 Minute Interval StairMaster Workout

This is definitely one of my top pins on Pinterest! I love love love doing intervals on the StairMaster. It gets my heart rate up and I always work up a great sweat! 

At Home Ab Workout

At Home Ab Workout, no equipment required!

Can't make it to the gym? This at home ab workout is quick but tough! I love that you don't even need any equipment at all to complete it! 

Super Sweaty Boot Camp Workout

Super Sweat Bootcamp Workout - no equipment required!

Even though I completed this workout in the gym, there is no equipment required so this could easily be completed at home! You can also adjust the number of reps to make it harder or easier depending on your skill level. 

Superset Glute Workout

Superset Glute Workout

When it comes to training glutes or legs, I love doing superset workouts. I like that supersets keep me moving and also elevate my heart rate more than doing normal sets. 

Arms Like Jello Bi & Tri Workout

Arms like Jello Bi & Tri Workout

I still remember doing this workout...and how sore my arms were after! If you're looking for a killer bicep and tricep workout...this is it! 

Shoulders + Triceps Workout

Shoulders + Triceps Workout

This shoulder and tricep workout is hands down my favorite workout for those body parts. This has been my go-to shoulder/tricep workout on numerous occasions because it never disappoints. 

Hamstring Workout

Hamstring Focused Workout

Sometimes when I train legs, I prefer to have workouts that solely focus on my quads, or is this case, hamstrings. This is a great hamstring dominate workout! 

Shoulders + Legs Workout

Shoulders + Legs Workout: A non traditional training split, but an awesome workout to beat gym boredom!

While training shoulders and legs together is not a common training split, I love this workout because it was different! I think the key to beating boredom in the gym is to switch it up and do non-traditional workouts every now and then. 

20 Minute Superset Tabata Boot Camp Workout

20 Minute Superset Tabata Bootcamp Workout

More supersets because I love them! I still remember doing this workout and how awesome it was! Again, the supersets keep you moving and get that heart rate up. Don't like one of the exercises listed in the workout? Just substitute one of your favorite moves!