Fit Chocoholic's Friday Favorites #3

Friday Favorites

TGIF! It feels good to be able to post more on my blog now that my schedule has slowed down a bit. Here is a new Friday Favorites post for y'all to enjoy! Have a great night!

Our New Home

Kinda hard to leave this one off of the list! We definitely upsized from our home in Oklahoma and we LOVE it! I've had some much fun decorating it over the last month. It's finally all starting to come together. 

Two Story Windows

While we were house hunting back in December, two story windows were one of my "must haves". I love all the natural light that pours in through them. I'm planning on getting some custom curtains made which I think will tie the room together nicely. I also need to figure out what to do with the HUGE wall to the left. I've found a few ideas on Pinterest, but I'll need to keep looking.

My Hubby's Man Cave

My hubby finally has a media room, or man cave...whatever you want to call it. We just got this room put together within the last week. We ordered new furniture and had a 7.2 home theater system installed in it. We've watched a few movies in here already and it totally sounds like a movie theater. I went to Target yesterday and picked up this small black basket and filled it with theater candy that I found on sale, some peanuts and some candy bars and placed it on top of our mini fridge. 

It's nice to have this room upstairs that way if he wants to watch a soccer game (and yell at the TV) I can do my own thing downstairs while I watch the Food Network Channel. It's a win win situation! 


Although moving can be a daunting task, it gave me a great opportunity to organize almost everything we own. I love the long horizontal drawers in our new house. They're much wider than the drawers we had before so all of my kitchen utensils aren't crammed into one small space. We have similar drawers in our bathroom as well. I picked up some transparent organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond which worked perfectly for my makeup.


Our puppy Roxiemo (she's 8 but will always be a puppy to me) has settled in quite nicely here in Houston. It has definitely been a stressful month for her though. We've had numerous contractors, repair men and service techs come in and out of the house all month long. She's been a rockstar and she is a happy camper as long as she has her toy box close by! 

Cookie Monster

I think this is my new life motto. A cookie (a chocolate one at that!) can cure just about anything I think!

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