Working Out With Your Significant Other + Arms Like Jello Bi & Tri Workout

I have a killer workout to share with you all today. But first, lets talk about breakfast. 

Remember yesterday when I said that I've been boring with my breakfast foods lately? Well, apparently I jinxed myself because I woke up this morning craving eggs. 

So, along side my 1/2 cup of oats, I had 4 eggs (1 whole, 3 whites) topped with some all natural ketchup and a cup of hazelnut coffee on the side. Do you spot Roxiemo on the couch? Usually she's in the kitchen under my feet hoping I'll drop something, but she had just gotten her morning treat and apparently that just exhausted her. 

My favorite Contigo Water Bottle is still kickin too! I'm on my second bottle of water so far this morning...almost 1/2 to my 1 gallon a day goal. 

Last night I had a gym date with the hubby as soon as he got off work. I got to the gym before he did so I did a quick 10 minute warmup on the elliptical. As soon as he got there and changed into his gym clothes we completed the following workout:

Here are links to videos showing each exercise in case you are unsure how to perform them:

Bicep Curl Negatives

Incline Hammer Curls

Preacher Curls

Isolateral Incline Press (this video shows the normal movement which targets your chest. To target your triceps have a close grip and keep your elbows hugged in close to your sides).

Overhead Tricep Extensions

Reverse Bicep Curls (I did single arm curls using a cable)

Closegrip Pressdowns

The hubby was the mastermind behind this workout (not the name, that was all me!) and it was a killer. I don't know what it is about working out with Schoen, but I work so much harder when we're working out together. There is no way I would have done all the above workout had I been by myself. When you leave the gym and it hurts to turn the steering wheel in the car, you know it's a killer workout. My arms still feel like jello, hence the name!

Give it a go, I promise you'll leave the gym with your arms on fire!

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