Insanity is Insane + Zoodles for Dinner!

After waking up early yesterday morning and guzzling 2 cups of coffee and eating some oatmeal, I checked the group exercise schedule at our local gym to see if anything caught my eye. I'm wanting/needing to incorporate more cardio based workouts into my rotation and the best way for me to make sure I push myself is to attend a cardio based class.

I decided on the morning 'Insanity' class and it was just as the name sounds...insane. It makes Body Pump look like a walk in the park and showed me how poor my endurance really is. The actual workout lasted about 45 minutes, but with the warm up and cool down we were working for a full hour. The combination of body weight exercises and plyometrics kicked my butt and I was a sweaty mess at the end of the workout. When it was all said and done I burned well over 600 calories!

After my workout I jumped into the car and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased something I've been wanting for a long time...a Spirooli! 

I used part of my gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy this bad boy and I knew I wanted to use it yesterday evening to make zucchini noodles a.k.a. zoodles for dinner!

I used one zucchini and the small blade attachment to make what looked like regular spaghetti noodles for the most part (minus the bits of green from the skin of the zucchini). I sauteed together 4oz of chicken breast, 1 cup of bok choy, a small handful of mushrooms and a few slices of fresh jalapeƱo for a bit of spice. I made a sauce out of low sodium soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and some garlic. I still need to play with the recipe a bit, but I will report back once I get a good combination together!

I'm off to the grocery store, have a great morning everyone! 

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