Stationary Boot Camp Workout

Hello again, everyone! 

I wanted to stop in real quick to share the workout I did this morning at the gym. Rather than joining Schoen at the gym at 5:30am like earlier in the week, my body demanded more sleep this morning. I decided to listen to my body and get a little more rest and headed to the gym a little later than usual today. I had originally planned on doing another interval StairMaster workout but opted for something a little different. Here we go:


The Fit Chocoholic: Stationary Boot Campt Workout

The great thing about this workout is you get to stay in one place the whole time. All you need is a jump rope, a set of dumbbells and a kettlebell, if your gym has them. If not, this can easily be done with just dumbbells and you can do jumping jacks if you're not a jump rope fan.

This workout took me just under an hour. to complete I was having major issues with my interval timer so I probably would have finished sooner had I not wanted to throw it across the room. I tried to do double unders while I was jump roping to get my heart rate up higher and when it was all said and done, I burned almost 600 calories according to my Polar Heart Rate Monitor. After my workout I was out the door to head home to EAT.


After my workout I walked in the door starving. I decided on cream of rice mixed with about ¾ cup of egg whites. I topped it all off with a few dashes of cinnamon and had my usual hazelnut coffee to drink along side in my favorite coffee mug.

The mixture of cream of rice and egg white produced an extremely fluffy and protein packed mixture. I was so surprised by how fluffy the concoction was. It should tide me over for quite a while. Oh and I had a visitor while I ate breakfast...

She sat like a meerkat and watched me eat. Sometimes I think she's almost human. I love this little stinker so much. 

Well, I'm off to a 2pm appointment. Have a wonderful Friday! 

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