Super Sweaty Boot Camp Workout

As promised I'm back to post an awesome workout I did earlier in the week. I haven't posted a workout in a bit and this one is too good not to share. While I prepped this post I snacked on some food to fuel my day.

Breakfast consisted of ½ cup of old fashioned oats, a banana and a small handful of the
homemade peanut butter granola I made the other day. I still can't get over how delicious this granola is. I love the slight bit of saltiness from the added kosher salt. I've made quite a dent in the batch I made and will most likely be making another batch over the weekend.

Now for some gym talk!

Earlier in the week I headed up to the gym to attend a group boot camp class. What I loved so much about this workout is that it gets harder as you progress through it and it keeps your heart rate up the whole time. This workout can also be done anywhere, no gym or equipment required!

The Fit Chocoholic: Super Sweaty Boot Camp Workout

The key with EMOM (every minute on the minute) workouts is to finish each set in approximately the same about of time each minute. The quicker you finish a set, the more time you have to rest. I was able to finish the first 10 minutes of exercises in under 30 seconds for each minute. In minutes 11-15 I was able to finish each set of exercises in about 33-35 seconds. In minutes 16-20 I finished each set of exercises in about 45 seconds which left only about 15 seconds or less of rest between each minute.

Another great thing about this workout is that you can adjust it according to your exercise level. So if you are more advanced, you can do 15 squat jumps at the end rather than 10 and if you are a beginner you can stay at 5 reps.

Thanks to my polar watch I was able to see that my heart rate was through the roof during this entire workout! It was really tough, but I felt so great after it was done. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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