Peanut Butter & Banana Overnight Oats

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I have a wonderful overnight oats recipe to share with you all today!

But first, lets back up a bit.

My morning started off with an early wake up call when my alarm went off at 4:50. I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and wasn't feeling 100%. I chalked it up to the fan in our bedroom messing with me and downed a bunch of water in hopes it would pass. I got up and changed into some gym clothes and was doing intervals on the StairMaster by 5:30.

Lately I have been doing a 100 floor challenge on the StairMaster. Basically, you see how quickly you can climb 100 floors. My goal has been to do it in under 20 minutes and on my first try I did it in about 19:30. I did it again yesterday and was able to complete it in 18:55! It's definitely a butt kicker and a great way to switch up your cardio routine.

This morning I opted for some regular StairMaster action and after 35 minutes I was super sweaty and super hungry. I headed home and hopped in the shower, made myself a cup of coffee and pulled out some overnight oats from the fridge that I prepped yesterday evening.

Have an almost empty peanut butter jar? Don't throw it away, use it to make some overnight oats! These are great if you don't have time to make yourself breakfast in the morning. Just grab your jar and a spoon and go!

I threw all of the ingredients for these oats right into an almost empty peanut butter jar, mixed it all up and popped it into the refrigerator to let it sit overnight.

This morning they had thickened up and were absolutely delicious. These are perfect with the warm weather we've been having lately and especially perfect after a sweaty gym session. 

The Fit Chocoholic: Peanut Butter & Banana Overnight Oats

Peanut Butter & Banana Overnight Oats

  1. Measure out all ingredients and add directly them into the peanut butter jar.
  2. Stir mixture until combined and banana is mashed. 
  3. Screw the lid on and put in the refrigerator to sit overnight. 
  4. In the morning, take it out and eat! You can add an additional splash of almond milk if your mixture is too thick. 

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