A New Back Workout + My Bikini Ready Meal Plan

Hey y'all! I'm back to share two things with you, a workout and a peek into what I've been eating lately. First up, a workout! 

Earlier in the week I went into the gym to train back. I am not a huge fan of back workouts because my back is pretty weak and truthfully, that frustrates me. But week in and week out I go in and train because that is the only way I will gain strength. Here is what my workout looked like:

I typically gravitate toward lat pulldowns when I train back but when I did this workout the gym super busy and every time I wanted to do pulldowns, someone was using the machine. So, I ended up making up my workout as I went and it ended up being a pretty amazing workout. My back is still sore from it.

Also, if you are like me and have weak grip strength in your hands, I would recommend getting a set of grips. I use Versa Grips and I love them.

Moving right along...

So, I have been getting a ton of questions lately via Facebook about what my diet looks like. So I decided to do another post about what I've been eating lately.

Our vacation is only a few weeks away so I have definitely cleaned up my diet and increased my cardio the past two weeks. Here is a peek into what my meal plan looks like:

Please note that I am not a dietician or nutritionist. This is simply what works for me and my body. Eating the same thing every. single. day. can get tedious and boring. But, I know if I stick to this, I will see the changes I want to see. It all really boils down to committing to it, trusting the process and being consistent. However, there are a few ways I switch it up to shock my taste buds and keep it interesting.

Excuse the messy desk. I snapped this picture earlier this morning while I was working at home. Since I'm eating the same thing every morning for breakfast, I switch up how I cook my eggs. Lately I've been digging over easy eggs. Sometimes I'll scramble them and eat them with a bit of ketchup. I personally like COR plain, but sometimes I'll add a few dashes of cinnamon on the top after they're cooked to change it up a bit. 

Any other yellow mustard lovers out there? Yesterday I put a bunch of mustard on top of my shredded chicken to give it a little bit of a zing. 

If you ever get sick of chicken, switch it out with another form of lean protein. Last night Schoen grilled us some hamburger patties using Laura's Lean Beef.

I also keep Orange Roughy in the freezer. It thaws and cooks in no time and reminds me of un-fried fish sticks. I pan sear mine in a few sprays of coconut oil and it turns out delicious every time.

I get the munchies late at night and I often confuse boredom with hunger and go grazing through our pantry. My late night cravings are almost always for something sweet. So, I picked up a few containers of fruit at the grocery store to keep in the fridge in case a craving hits me at night. If you crave something sweet, eat a piece of fruit. It almost always curbs that craving for chocolate I get.

I spent a little more and bought prepared fruit because, even though I have the best intentions, I will buy a bunch of fruit and get too lazy to clean and cube it and it will spoil. Or I'll throw it into the fruit and veggie drawer and forget about it. I keep the containers at eye level in the fridge for easy grab and go snacking.

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