Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone! And apparently, Happy Star Wars Day?! I've seen so many 'May the Fourth' be with you posts on social media. I've never been a big Star Wars fan...but to all of those that are, have fun celebrating! 

I hope your Monday got off to a good start. Mine started with just over 40 minutes of fasted cardio on the StairMater. I'm loving cardio intervals more and more lately because the time seems to fly by. After my cardio and a quick shower, I spent the remainder of the morning taking care of some stuff around the house and working on the computer. 

I hope you all had a fun weekend! Ours was a blast and I'm here to share a quick re-cap with y'all. 


After Schoen got home from work, we changed into our his and hers Marvel t-shirts and headed out the door to Studio Movie Grill to see the new Avengers movie. 

I have no idea why my pants look bright blue in the first picture. They're just regular ol' jeans. Anyways, we arrived at the theater a bit early so we headed to the bar to get some cocktails. I sipped on a glass Riesling and Schoen got his usual...Jameson, double, neat <--- always="" drink.="" fancy="" feel="" his="" i="" nbsp="" order="" p="" so="" when="">

When we lived in Oklahoma, we lived right down the road from The Moore Warren (quite possibly the best movie theatre ever) and the closest thing they have to that here in Houston is Studio Movie Grill. Unfortunately, it is not quite up to par, at all, with what we're used to. We decided to see the movie in 3D and the glasses they provided were awful and the picture was blurry the entire time. However, we loved the movie itself. It was action packed and hilarious! 


Our community pool opened up this weekend so I spent a few hours relaxing poolside first thing Saturday morning. 

The high on Saturday was in the lower 80's so it was perfect pool weather! The water, however, was freezing, so I only dipped my legs in once. 

I pulled out a quest bar from my bag and let the sun work its magic and heat it up <--- 3.5="" a="" about="" after="" and="" bar.="" bar="" best="" didn="" eat="" for="" head="" hours="" in="" it="" long="" lunch.="" make="" me="" my="" nbsp="" outside="" over="" p="" quest="" stomach="" t="" telling="" the="" tide="" time="" to="" was="" way="">

After scarfing down some chicken, rice and veggies, I hopped back in the are to head to the grocery store to pick up some essentials for fight night. 

I decided to play around with some Pilsbury Crescent Rolls and ended up making a pepperoni pizza ring! 

It was filled with pizza sauce, pepperoni and shredded mozzarella cheese. 

Before baking it, I topped it with some garlic powder and some Italian seasoning. It was super easy to make and was delicious!

At around 5:30 a few of Schoen's work colleagues came over to the house. After they arrived, we headed outside to play a few games of corn hole. I bought Schoen corn hole boards for Christmas last year and this was the first time we used them and the first time for me to ever play the game. And it showed. Corn hole is not one of my strong suits to say the least.

The rest of our Saturday night was spent chatting with friends and watching the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. We were all rooting for Manny and, as you know, the fight didn't turn out as we had expected and hoped it would.


Our entire Sunday was spent relaxing on the couch. We did absolutely nothing but binge watch one of our new TV shows, Orphan Black. Which leads me to a funny story. As we were watching it, (we're on the 2nd season) I noticed one of the main characters house looked an awful lot like one of my best friends from High School's house in Toronto (where the show is filmed). So I had Schoen pause the TV and snapped a picture of it and sent it to my friend.

Sure enough, it is her house! Such a small world!

Have a good rest of the day! 

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