Fit Chocoholic's Friday Favorites #11

Happy Good Friday, everyone! 

My parents arrived in Houston early yesterday afternoon and it's so good to have them here! After I picked them up at the airport we headed out to eat lunch and then came back to hang out at the house to wait for Schoen to get off of work. My mom and I leashed up Roxie and took her on a short walk around the neighborhood to get some landscaping ideas. 

Many yards had flowers planted in the mulch that surrounded their trees. I'm thinking I want to do the same thing. A trip to Houston Garden Center may be in order sometime soon.  

We have a fun afternoon planned and I'll be sure to update you all a little later about our weekend adventures. In the meantime, here is the usual Friday Favorites post. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter! 

Friday Favorites 


So, Tangelos are the jam. They rock my socks. They're the apple (tangelo?) of my eye. I know I have blogged about my obsession with Texas grocery stores in previous posts, but my obsession just keeps growing. I ventured out to a new store last week and their selection of produce was love at first sight. Their selection of natural and healthy products was mind blowing.

One of my friends here suggested I pick up a Tangelo the next time I ventured out to this new store. So, earlier in the week I sought them out and picked up a few. A tangelo is a hybrid between a tangerine and a grapefruit and they're amazing. I snacked on one while I was doing my hair the other day and it was so juicy and delicious. I have jumped aboard the Tangelo train, they will now be a staple in my grocery cart going forward.

Organizing with Trays 

As I was cleaning the house earlier in the week in preparation for my parents arrival, I noticed that I've developed an obsession with trays. Using trays has been my go-to solution for keeping items we use on a daily basis neat and tidy.

In my kitchen alone, I have three trays that help keep our kitchen looking organized.

First up is this cute porcelain tray I picked up at Target. This tray sits next to our kitchen sink and is used to house our hand and dish soap, as well as a pretty succulent I purchased at Ikea.


 The next tray is a simple wooden one, also purchased at Target, and is placed right next to our stove top. This holds our most commonly used utensils and spices.

My favorite part of our kitchen is our coffee station, naturally! I placed a small wooden tray we received for Christmas in this space and I think it fills it perfectly. I make sure to keep it stocked with clean mugs, stir sticks and fresh K-Cups for our Keurig. It makes grabbing coffee in the morning a breeze. 

I found this simple gray tray at HomeGoods and it sits on top of our bar. It is great for holding Schoen's whiskey decanter and bar glasses.  

This pretty round mirrored tray was also purchased at HomeGoods and found its home on our coffee table. It makes this arrangement of faux flowers look less random and pulls the room together. Hi Roxie! 

I am currently on the hunt for a cute tray to place on our oversized bathroom counter. I found this fun DIY duct tape tray idea over on Honey We're Home and I might give it a try.

Protein Waffles

Look at those waffles. Look at em. Those right there are THE perfect protein waffles. This is currently my favorite breakfast recipe to date. I'll be making these this weekend for sure! They're easy to make and healthy to boot!

L'ORÉAL Double Extend Mascara

I typically use Younique 3D Mascara, but it's kind of expensive and I'm impatient when it comes to waiting for makeup to be delivered in the mail. I picked up this Double Extend mascara a few weeks ago and I love it. It reminds me of the Younique Fiber Mascara and it's cheaper so it's a win win buy! It's hands down the best drugstore makeup purchase I've ever made.