Weekend Recap + Lean Legs Workout

Hola mi amigos! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Ours was rather low-key, which was right up my alley since I was a bit under the weather last week

It has been a hot minute since I shared a workout on here, but fret not! I have an awesome leg workout to share with you all that I did over the weekend. 

After sleeping in a bit on Saturday morning, I woke up still feeling sick. I immediately got up and took some antibiotics and made myself some warm coffee to soothe my throat. While I sipped on my coffee and Schoen worked, I made myself my usual breakfast, cream of rice and eggs. Our weekend breakfast fare is typically a bit more exciting than this, but I just wasn't feeling up to cooking anything fancy. That being said, Schoen got Pop Tarts for breakfast! 

After chowing down, I relaxed on the couch and watched some of my weekend Food Network shows while the hubby watched a soccer game upstairs. Naturally after an hour or two I was hungry again, so I headed into the kitchen to make myself a protein smoothie. I tested out a new recipe I had in mind and it turned out great! 

Chocolate + raspberries = total delicious dance party in my mouth. I'll be stopping back in later today to share this recipe, so stay tuned! 

Shortly after lunchtime on Saturday, my meds kicked in and I started to feel a bit better. I decided to peel myself off the couch and head to the gym. Saturdays are my designated leg day so I'm glad I felt good enough to go because I hate missing leg day. I feel like if I miss training legs one week, my soreness is through the roof the next week. Here is what my workout looked like:

The Fit Chocoholic: Lean Legs Workout

So, my gym does not have a GHD (glute ham developer), so I had to rig up my own in order to do the natural glute ham raises. I did something similar to this method as seen on bodybuilding.com and used the lat pulldown machine:


You can see a video of how to do these here if you are in the same boat as me and your gym does not have a GHD. My hamstrings are not as strong as the girl who demonstrates in the video, so I put a box on the floor in front of me to give me something push off of on the way back up.

The remainder of our Saturday afternoon consisted of relaxing and watching TV. We took Roxie on a walk around the neighborhood right before the sun set.

On Sunday morning we woke up to sunny skies!!! Finally! After a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up for the week, we headed headed out to a local garden center to pick up a few things to spruce up our front yard.

The UV index must have been pretty high yesterday because I got a bit burnt while gardening.

Fun fact, the Marigolds we planted let off a natural scent that repels insects! One of our neighbors stopped by to chat and shared that interesting piece of information with me. Good to know!

After cleaning up we headed inside to cook dinner. We took advantage of the nice weather and grilled some steaks.

We ate our flank steaks along side some roasted asparagus and my favorite baked sweet potato fries. It was delicious and hit the spot!

Right as we sat down to eat dinner, the skies opened up and it started to rain again. But, after it stopped, we were left with a gorgeous rainbow. It was a perfect end to our relaxing weekend.

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