Riviera Maya Vacation Part #1

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a glorious weekend and an easy start to your week! It feels like it's been forever since I checked in (even though I posted a few blog posts last week which can be found here and here) because we were livin' it up on the beach in Riviera Maya for the majority of last week.

I have to give a quick shout out to our amazing travel agent and my friend Jennifer with Big Sky Travel Source. She helped us book both this trip and our honeymoon to the Bahamas last year and it has been nothing but a pleasure and a breeze working with her.

Last Sunday morning we woke up before the sun came up to get ready and head to the airport to catch an early flight to Cancun!

After a short two hour flight and a few plane selfie's later, we arrived in beautiful Mexico!

I was admittedly very nervous about what kind of weather we were going to get while we were there but we lucked out and it was gorgeous almost the entire time! 

After collecting our bags from baggage claim and getting through customs, we almost immediately hopped in a van to be taken to our resort which we arrived at shortly before noon. 

As soon as we pulled up, I knew that our resort was going to be absolutely breathtaking. We stayed at the El Dorado Royale and it may be the most gorgeous resort I have ever stayed at. The El Dorado Royale really has two parts, the Royale and the Casitas. At check-in we decided to upgrade to the Casitas which gave us a private swim up pool and bar, a bigger room with a private outdoor shower and the ability to make reservations at any of the restaurants with our private concierge. 

Since we arrived to the resort rather early, we had to wait a few hours for our room to be ready. After check-in we dropped our luggage off and headed down to one of the poolside restaurants to grab some lunch and some drinks and do a bit of exploring. 

I wasn't too hungry because we were served a meal on the plane ride down, but I ordered some mini chicken tacos to help tide me over until later in the day.  

They were super delicious and hit the spot! After eating, we changed into swim suits and hit up the pool. After a few hours of lounging and chatting with some people, our room was ready so we headed over to the Casitas side to get settled in.

Our room was absolutely amazing. However, our favorite part was our private outdoor shower and the amazing view we had.

After getting settled in our room, we headed back down to our private pool/bar to have some drinks and chat with some other vacationers that were staying in our area. We called it a day pretty early our first night. We decided to get room service delivered and were asleep embarrassingly early that night. However, I got up as the sun was rising the next morning and headed down to the main pool to snag a cabana for us to use all day.

After throwing some of our stuff on a cabana, I headed back to the room to wake Schoen up so we could head out to eat breakfast. We decided to eat at a restaurant called La Isla (pictured above under the grass roof) which was an open air restaurant. 

I decided on an egg white omelet filled with a ton of veggies. It was really good, but I found myself quite hungry soon after. It's a good thing we were at an all inclusive resort :)

After breakfast, we spent a majority of the afternoon lounging by the main pool. Schoen and I were both thankful for the shade of the cabana because the sun and humidity combination was intense at times.

After spending a lot of time at the main pool, we headed back over towards our room because we had massages and facials scheduled for 6:30 that evening. We decided to stop off at our private pool/bar for a quick swim and a drink.

The spa was located right next to our room and we decided to get there about an hour early to use the saunas and pools they offered.

After checking in we headed off to our respective locker rooms to store some personal belongings and grab our robes. After each spending a few minutes in the saunas, we met in the main pool area which featured 3 different 'pools'.

The first pool was their jacuzzi. We spent about 5-10 minutes in the toasty water before heading to the next pool.

This pool was filled with freezing cold water and we were advised to just get in and out after using the jacuzzi. After this, it was on to the biggest of the three pools which featured four different massage jets. 

They had jets specifically meant for your feet, a bubble lounger which targeted the entire back of your body (which you can see Schoen laying on above), the curved jet at the bottom left of the picture which targets your shoulders and upper back and the last jet which is in the right side of the pictures which targets your lower back. We rotated between the four and it was absolutely amazing. The spa also had a stunning outdoor area.

After spending about an hour in their pools, we got ready and into our robes to head upstairs for a massage and a facial. We both left feeling super relaxed and rejuvenated which was great because we had a 9:30pm dinner reservation at D'Italia for that evening!

We started with the calamari and for our main courses we got ravioli, lobster lasagna and gnocchi. The presentation of each and every single dish we were served at our resort was absolutely stunning and tasted delicious. 

After dinner, we headed upstairs to Bellini's for a quick post dinner cocktail.

After Bellini's we headed back to the room because had an early start planned for the next morning (my birthday!) to go swimming with dolphins! I'll be back tomorrow with the second half of our vacation recap! Toodles!

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