What I Bought Wednesday #4

Hello, hello! Happy Wednesday and Happy Earth Day, everyone! 

I hope your week has been good to you so far. Mine has been filled with a ton of spring cleaning and some gardening. We're attempting to spruce up our front yard a bit and since I don't have much of a green thumb, it has been a learning process for me. Thankfully everyone at our local garden center and Lowe's have been super friendly and helpful every time I pop in. 

I did my weekly grocery store stock up on Sunday morning and wanted to stop by this morning to share a new What I Bought Wednesday post. Pardon the messy kitchen in these photos, we were in a rush to run some errands over the weekend so I snapped these pictures with some haste. 

This week's grocery haul included:

Flank steak is our go to choice for red meat. It is what I ate on my competition prep and I really love it. We marinate it in Dales Steak Seasoning for a few hours and grill it and it turns out amazing every time.

We went through that big container of chicken (under the steak) in two days and I had to go back to the grocery store yesterday to pick up more. We plow through protein in this house!

Lots of chocolately goodness made its way into my cart this week. I picked up a small bag of dark chocolate covered almonds and two bars of Theo chocolate. I also picked up a container of medjool dates which I use to naturally sweeten recipes and smoothies.

I've been on a quinoa kick the past week, so I picked up another box so I can make some more Mediterranean Quinoa Salad.

And that's that!
I'm off to get in my cardio and meet a friend to train glutes! Have a wonderful rest of the day!