What I Bought Wednesday #6

Hi, hello and good morning! I hope your Wednesday is off to a good start! 

My morning began with a few hours of work on the computer and doing some things around the house. I have to be at the gym at 11, so I started to tackle my morning to-do list bright and early. 

Since it's Wednesday, that means I'm here to share a new What I Bought Wednesday post! 

Here is what was in my grocery cart this past week:

Aside from chicken breast, lean ground turkey is our go-to protein. We use it for everything from my turkey taco lasagna, to pasta sauces, meatballs. and meatloaf. 

These tortilla's are my favorite purchase of the week. This brand is new to me, but will be my go-to tortilla going forward because the macros in them are amazing. I made a barbecue chicken wrap earlier in the week by filling one of the spinach and herb wraps with shredded chicken, baby spinach, sliced red onions and a bit of barbecue sauce. It was simple, easy and delicious! 

I plan on making some kale chips with the Lacinato Kale I picked up and I'll be sure to share the recipe if it's share-worthy! Baby spinach is also a staple for me because I usually throw in a handful of two into my smoothies or into sandwich wraps. 

I also picked up some more powdered peanut butter which I also use weekly in my protein smoothies.

And that's that and now I'm hungry! Off to make myself breakfast!