Bicep + Tricep Superset Workout

I returned to the gym yesterday morning after our vacation to Riviera Maya last week (a recap of our vacation can be found here, here and here) and boy oh boy did it feel good to get back into my normal meal and exercise routine. After warming up a bit I completed the following arm workout:

Bi & Tri Superset Workout

After I completed 5 sets of each of the supersets above I did a quick but brutal burnout of bicep curls that I found on Instagram. This burnout is in a 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3 format all the way up to 10. So I did 1 bicep curl right, 1 left and then 1 curl with both arms together at the same time. 2 curls left, 2 right and 2 curls both arms together. and did that until I completed 10 reps in the same format. I made sure to alternate which arm started each time. This was tough and an awesome way to end my arm workout. 

After I was done in the weight room I hopped on a StairMaster and completed a quick 100 floor challenge

I was able to set a new record for the 100 floor challenge, but I'm not going to lie, I was struggling. I could tell my body was having a hard time after more than a week away from the gym. 

Today's workouts included a light glute workout followed by one hour of yoga that was taught by my friend Carolyn. I've always wanted to love yoga, but I could never really get into it until recently. I've only taken a handful of classes but I leave each class feeling relaxed and my muscles feel good and stretched! 

I hope the rest of your Wednesday goes smoothly. Catch ya later!